Comforting Pets and Dolls for Therapy

Comforting Pets and Dolls - Activities to Share

In times of stress, we all like to have someone to hold and this is true for many older people who are separated from family. People living with advanced dementia can also find it soothing to have something to stroke or cuddle. Our range of companion pets and dolls are especially chosen for their durability and lifelike appearance.

Precious Petzzz are an ideal way to comfort - your dogcat or rabbit will sit neatly curled up on a lap and has a rythmic 'breathing' motion (battery operated) to help ease stress. These give a real pet ownership experience without the work.

Doll therapy is used widely throughout the care community and by allowing an older person with dementia to hold and nurse a baby doll, it can evoke dormant nurturing instincts and help calm and give a sense of purpose. The dolls have removeable clothes and come with their own feeding bottle and dummy.

Or go one step further and try our popular Joy For All Cats or Pup with lifelike sounds and movement that is activated by talking or touching, they act just like a real pet without the hassle. No feeding, walking or messes, they provide a real sense of companionship and love to any lucky owner.

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Joyk Empathy Doll - Sofia


Sofia is a bundle of joy just waiting for you to take her on an adventure


Joyk Empathy Doll - Tom


Tom with his adorable cheeky face will light up anyone's day!