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Large Tactile Boards (set of 10 assorted)


Can you guess the shapes with these Large Tactile Boards? The contrasting gritty sand shapes on smooth lacquered backing helps to feel and identify which they are. Great game for anyone who has is sight impaired. Dementia friendly and makes an ideal activity for care homes. Cards can be placed facing downwards and players could be blindfolded to try to feel the shape and then draw it on a sheet of paper or in some sand?


Magic Mosaic (64 black and White pieces)


Can you match the pattern to the template? This Magic Mosaic game comes with 180 different pattern designs to match. Chunky wooden pieces in both black and white to lay in a variety of positions. Makes a fun game for older people with dementia and can help improve hand/eye coordination, shape sorting and planning skills. Long lasting wood, this game will delight for many years to come.


Magnetic Cube Set


Magnetic Cube Set that will give hours of fun. Each 'cube' is made up of 24 movable magnetic parts that can be manipulated in endless ways. Set comes with 21 template cards patterns to copy if you can. High quality parts that will make a long-lasting activity for care home residents of all abilities - especially good for anyone with dementia due to the tactile nature of the game. Helps with hand/eye coordination, colour matching and concentration.


Marble Factory Wall Mounted Game


Marble Factory is an exciting game that utilises tactical thinking logical planning skills to try to direct the balls into the right placement that align with the pattern on the playing cards. The track can be manipulated to make the balls go where you need - but are you quick enough? Wall-mounted natural wood game that is great for older people in care homes. Utilises planning, spacial awareness and aids concentration skills.