Welcome to our Christmas shop.  Here you will find great Christmas gift ideas and innovative games for a fun Christmas that can be played and shared across the generations, bringing families together at this special time of year.

If you have a family member or know someone with a disability or who is maybe living with a dementia, Gifts for Giving showcases a wide range of gift ideas that are suitable for all abilities. From sensory pets to cuddle to large piece jigsaws and simple board games, we have done the hard work for you.

In the Festive Crafts section you will find multipacks of arts and crafts to create - ideal for small gifts for a family member. Great for larger groups or for grandparents entertaining their grandchildren while parents do the wrapping!

Games for Sharing has fun games that all family members can enjoy playing together and create precious memories, while our Quiet Time category caters for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and lose themselves in an interesting book or puzzle to recharge their batteries.