Christmas Gift Ideas for All Abilities

Fragrant Memories Kit - Christmas Special sensory gift

We understand it can be difficult to buy gifts for older people in care homes and especially for someone living with a dementia or disability. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of thoughtful gift ideas that are suitable for every situation. From large piece jigsaw puzzles to tactile games, you'll find the perfect gift here.

Many older people really enjoy doing puzzles and quizzes - especially during the long winter days, and they have the benefit of helping to stimulate brain function and some like our Large Print Maze Puzzles Book are great for improving hand/eye coordination. Others in the range include Crosswords, Word SearchSudoku and Music Puzzles, all in large, bold print.

Or why not give them a cuddly companion to love? Everyone loves a cute puppy and our Precious Petzzz will curl up on a lap and breathe gently all day - every day. Stroking can help alleviate stress and provide comfort for older people who are unable to look after the real thing. Choose from puppies, cats or rabbits - they all come with their own bed, brush and carry case.