Carol McCormick - New Puzzle Books

The concept of the ‘Enjoy solving...’ puzzle book series came about after a conversation I had with a local care co-ordinator, Charlotte Baines. She is responsible for leading Alzheimer’s and Dementia training workshops in Southport, and her passion and enthusiasm for getting people involved with improving the lives of people who live with dementia is a real inspiration. 

When she discovered that my sister and I compile puzzles and crosswords for newspapers and magazines, she talked about the need for more resources and material to be available, that are simplified and adapted to the needs and challenges that dementia present, but are still adult appropriate. Her advice and time has been much appreciated.

Large Print Puzzle Books For Those With A Dementia

She is both inspiring and persuasive, and thanks to the help and support of Anna and Simon at Activities to Share, the first two puzzle books are now about to be printed.

Our aim is to produce large print books that contain simpler versions of familiar puzzles such as crosswords, wordsearches, and fill-in’s, alongside some new puzzle ideas working with letters, numbers and shapes. 

Our hope is that we can help people to enjoy the pleasure and value of puzzle-solving for longer.   


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