Care Home Olympics

Care Home Olympics

Get your residents in the mood for the forthcoming Rio Olympic games! Why not host your own fun competitions and keep fit doing so. whatever the weather, there is something for indoors or out and most use simple equipment that you will probably have in your activities cupboard. You will need...

  • Skittles and a ball
  • Bean Bags
  • Wellies
  • Target Boards or Floor Mats
  • Tape Measure
  • Flipchart and Marker Pens for scoring
  • Medals (can be obtained in most supermarkets - party goods)


Skittles can be used for a bowling competition. Keep scores on the flipchart. Highest score over 10 games wins.

Bean bags can be used for target mat games. Or why not get a large cardboard box and cut holes or squares in one side. Give each a different score (smallest has higher score). Highest scorer over 10 games wins.

Wellies can be used for wellie-throwing contests - furthest throw wins. (If wellies are too heavy, why not substitute slippers instead. Furthest throw wins - use tape measure for measuring.

If any residents are in a wheelchair, ensure everyone is also seated to make the games fair. 

Award gold, silver and bronze medals to winners and take photographs for a 'Winners Gallery' afterwards. Include a tasty tea for after the 'Olympics' where everyone can socialise and recuperate.

Why not show some events from the Rio Olympics on a TV (may have to be recorded beforhand due to timings).

Encourage people to discuss previous Olympic games. Which sport is their favourite? Do they remember a particular record being broken? Maybe find a photo or video on the web to aid memory recall. 



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