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We know how popular Art and Craft is in care homes and our huge range is testament to that! We have something for everyone whatever their interest or ability.

Simple Weaving Cards or Coaster sets - wind coloured wool around the shape and weave across until you have a finished. Easy and fun for all ages and abilities.

Velvet Photo Frames - add colour to the design, the velvet edges soak up any colour that overspills to give a professional finish - lovely for anyone with shaky hands.

Our craft kits are a little more challenging but are a great way to while away a rainy afternoon. Choose from our large range of wooden kits, pre-cut with easy to follow instructions.

Colouring books are proven to ease stress and calm the mind. We have simple, bold designs (good for young children or for anyone with a dementia) through to beautiful, intricate designs that will be a joy to complete.

Aquapaints are also incredibly popular, all you need is a brush and water to create enchanting scenes that magically appear! Once dry they can be used again and again.

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Mirror Card A4 (Pack of 10 Sheets)


Lovely reflective mirror-finish card to add 'polish' to any craft project. 10 sheets of assorted colours that can be cut into geometric shapes to make a mosaic effect or for personalised home-made cards.


Sea Life Washable Stencils (pack of 6)


Create your own ocean-themed artwork with this durable stencil set. One each of crab, lobster, whale, octopus, seahorse and fish. Can be used with paint or coloured pens/pencils.


White Modelling Clay 500g


Large pack of while modelling clay that makes a fun tactile activity for people of all abilities. Feel the squishy soft clay in your hands- why not make a simple bowl to keep coins or jewellery in. Leave for a day to harden and decorate with paints to personalise.