Our Busy Hands Kit incorporates 6 carefully selected tactile items designed for people with a dementia to provide sensory stimulation all in a neat cotton bag.

Activity Ideas

  • Memory game - put a selection of items on a tray and allow players to look at it for 1 minute. Cover with a cloth and ask them to write down as many items as they can remember.
  • Use the bag as a feely bag. Place a household item inside i.e: toothbrush, shell, spoon and ask players to feel and guess the item inside.
  • Use any soft items to throw to players sitting in a circle. Go through the alphabet naming animals (if the player can't think of one, let them use that letter somewhere within the name. If they can't go then pass on to another player.

Everything you need in one kit. 6 carefully chosen items designed for people with a dementia to provide sensory stimulaton . Helps alleviate stress and keeps minds and restless hands busy.

Each item has been chosen to appeal to give sensory appeal.

Activity Coordinators find this product a real asset to their activity store as can be used instantly to calm anyone with a dementia like Alzheimer's.

Comes with a handy cotton drawstring bag for storage.

Contents may vary according to availability.

See also Active Hands Kit and Fun Sensory Kit.


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