Boredom Busters and Simple Fun for Care Homes

Match the Film TitleJumbo Playing Cards

Boredom will be a thing of the past with our huge range of fun games and pastimes. From well-loved traditional bingo and card games to something just a bit different like our range of Match The ... games - we have it all!

Games can help stimulate the brain and keep dementia at bay as well as creating social cohesion.

  • use problem-solving skills- games use essential cognitive skills including complex thought and memory formation
  • aid cognitive function - stimulation of mental skills helps with memory retention and alertness
  • encourage social interaction - engaging with others promotes feelings of well-being and alleviates depression and loneliness
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The Big Games Night


Everything you need for a fun night in! Fun set of games to play to get everyone up and laughing. Set includes: Charades, Who am I?, Back To The Drawing Board & Don't Say A Word, dice, timer, pencils, answer pad, 4 x headbands and instructions.

£16.99 £12.75

PicLink Game


PicLink is a highly versatile game intended for those with developmental disorders as well as older people living with a dementia. Uses colour/type recognition but can also be used for same/different, memory recall and encourage conversation. 36 durable cards to use with a group or individual. Includes suggestions on how to use the resource. Clear photographic images to help jog memory and past experiences.

£32.99 £29.99

Story Cubes - Rescue


Story Cubes are the perfect way to get a story started Just roll the three dice and see which images are uppermost then use these to begin your tall tale! Great for telling stories 'in the round' where each person in a group takes up the unfinished tale and continues. Good tactile fun and Ideal for encouraging conversation for older residents in care homes. 18 different symbols including: bomb, drowning, life jacket, 'help' and many more to make an exciting tale.


Answer Buzzers set of 4


Set of 4 fun buzzers to use in quizzes and games


Guess What They're Thinking


Observe the different images, then put yourself in the characters shoes and try to guess what they're thinking? 54 varied fun images with 22 blank dialogue shapes to help express your opinions.


Colour Placement Tiles (144 assorted)


These Colour Placement Tiles will brighten up everyone's day. Can be used for colour matching, contrast, similar tone e.g pastel or vibrant, games such as using a colour and asking what items are that colour and then extending it to talk about one of the items in more detail, personal memories, likes/dislikes. Makes a versatile activity for care home residents for individual or groups.


Dice Poppers set of 2


Set of 2 caged dice


Giant Foam Noughts and Crosses


A well-loved traditional game in a jumbo size with easy-to-handle, brightly coloured foam pieces.


Royal Trivia Quiz


A Royal Quiz Night


My Day


A card placement game designed for those with dementia