Blog posts of '2015' 'August'

Colour Each Day to Keep Stress Away

It’s official! Adult colouring books are the new phenomenon sweeping not only the UK but now in many other parts of the world. Seen as a way to ‘switch off’ from an increasingly electronic world, people from all walks of life are taking up colouring not only as an individual pastime, but as a group ...

Libraries - A New Source for Reminiscence Collections

Your local library may now be able to offer a range of resources to assist with reminiscence in the elderly and for anyone with a dementia like Alzheimer’s. These are in the form of Reminiscence/Memory Boxes that are available on loan and are filled with an assortment of items such as scrapbooks, po...

John's Campaign - The Right for Carers to Stay With People with Dementia in Hospital

John’s Campaign, set up in November 2014, highlights the problem many relatives face when a loved one with dementia is in hospital and there are no facilities to allow them to stay. John, (Dr John Gerrard) was himself diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 86 but was still living an almost indepen...