Blog posts of '2015' 'April'

Activities can help adults with learning disabilities

A learning disability can affect the way people learn and develop throughout any stage of their life, with specific conditions varying greatly from person to person. Around 1.5 million people in the UK have some kind of learning disability and experience complications with issues such as living inde...

Giving residents a balance blend of activities

Care homes provide essential services in caring for residents and accounting for their wellbeing. As part of this they need to plan daily activities to keep people active and entertained. It can be tricky to come up with ideas, particularly when you think that each resident will have their own inter...

Quizzes and crosswords for care homes

In our extensive product range, we stock a number of care home activities that are designed specifically with older people in mind, helping patients with dementia and also providing older patients with common ground over which to socialise. Amongst our wide selection of products, we can provide puzz...

Stimulating memories for people with Dementia

Dementia refers to the various symptoms that present themselves as a result of cognitive decline. It is very important to encourage people with dementia to engage in activity as the condition develops. Remaining stimulated and occupied can improve the quality of life and can also help their loved on...

Activities to stimulate the minds of Alzheimer's patients

Dementia is a condition that affects around 800,000 UK citizens and usually occurs in people over the age of 65. Although it can affect different people in different ways, it is known for causing problems with mental agility, judgement, understanding, memory and language. The most common form of dem...

Alzheimer's Show 2015

We are busily preparing for our stand at this year’s Alzheimer’s Show 2015, the designated exhibition for people with dementia. Held this year in London Olympia on Friday June 5thand Saturday June 6th, it promises to be one of the biggest and best sources for the latest information, products and ser...


A simple strip of latex could be the key to relieving those aches and pains that creep up on us as we all age!  A leading NHS doctor, Sir Muir Gray is singing the praises of using latex Exercise Resistance Bands to keep our joints and muscles supple in order to avoid the risks of falls, sprains and ...