Blog posts of '2015' 'December'

Timothy West On Coping With Dementia

Timothy West, husband to well-loved ‘Fawlty Towers’ actress Prunella Scales has spoken candidly about how her dementia has affected their lives on a daily basis. He admitted that he is having to adjust to her rapidly deteriorating memory and often finds himself having to repeat sentences to Prunella...

Perfect Christmas Gifts For Older People

Many people find it difficult buying for older relatives, often because their choices are often narrowed to the old tried and trusted slippers, gloves or cardigan for fear of getting it wrong. This year, why not give them something to make them really smile and even give them some much needed fun! 

A Jolie - Alzheimer's Cure

An American research team has found that people who develop a dementia like Alzheimer’s may have lower levels of a particular protein in their bodies. The gene that makes the protein is also linked with breast and ovarian cancer; Miss Jolie’s discovery that she had this gene – and was eight times mo...