A great game set with many uses

Use the small cones to throw the hoops over or use the hoops to throw the bean bags in to

This is small and mighty - good for storage and great for entertainment

Play indoors or outdoors

Activity Idea:

Have 2 teams

Place 2 cones per team as a goal and have the pitch about 2m long

Give each team the same colour bean bags as their cones so you knows whose bean bag is whose

Place the hoops on the pitch between both the goals leaving a good stride before the first one - have 4 at one half and 4 in the other half of the pitch

Blow a whistle or shout play

The players take it in turns to stand in the goal mouth and to throw a bean bag in to the hoops in the opponents end

Winning team is the one with most or all their beanbags in hoops in their oppents half

If any bean bags end up in their own half, it is classed as off side and awarded a penalty throw to the other team.

Pack consists of:

4 Cones - approx 5 inches tall

8 Beanbags (4 colours)

8 Hoops (4 colours)