Have fun and engaging sessions whenever and however you want...

Arts to Share care home craft solution


Activities to Share (A2S) offers customers the facility to have a consignment stock of arts and crafts materials to enable easier access to the materials needed to run fun and engaging sessions with residents whenever and however you want. The stock remains A2S’ property until used, so this doesn’t cost anything for your care home upfront. You only pay for what you use.


  • You don’t need to raise purchase orders and wait for delivery every time you need an arts and craft item, you can simply go and pick it up from the stock.
  • It is very convenient 
  • It doesn’t cost you anything up front 
  • If you don’t like it then you can stop at any time without any feed 
  • You are charged the same prices as if you were buying from us anyway, so there’s no extra cost
  • You could save on delivery charges 
  • You always have what you need

How it works

We send you a special stand/storage unit along with a wide selection of Arts and Crafts materials, which you setup in an appropriate location in your care home. You can then remove and use the materials as required. We will ask you to perform a stock check from time to time and based on this we will bill you for what you have used and send a restocking shipment as well to ensure you continue to have everything you need. From time to time we will request to come in and check the stock as well. With each stock check you can also change what you stock, for example if you find you are using something more often or not using something at all you can adjust your stock levels.

Download your Arts to Share application form here