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Angela Rippon: Tested For Dementia

Popular TV presenter Angela Rippon has revealed that she has recently taken tests for dementia due to her worry that she will develop the disease due to her mother dying from the same in 2009 after being diagnosed only five years before. The former BBC newsreader helped care for her mother and admitted that the experience has made her ‘very understanding’ about the process and effects dementia has on family life.

She stated: ‘You learn to be very patient, and in your quiet moments you mourn as the person you have known is dying in front of you.’

Viewers will be able to see the Rip Off Britain star going through a number of tests in ‘The Truth About Dementia’ on BBC One which will be broadcast on Thursday 19 May at 9.00pm. The programme throws up some surprising new information: like how sleeping well can keep Alzheimer’s away and taking a new language course is possibly as beneficial as any drug.

Currently, testing takes on the form of mental agility questionnaires, which involves short and long-term memory, concentration levels and planning skills. Candidates are likely to undergo a blood test to check general health and also a brain scan. This could be a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan that can show any brain shrinkage, or single photon-emission computed tomography (SPECT) scan that will look at blood flow and brain function. In addition, patients may undergo an electroencephalogram (EEG) to scan the brain’s electrical activity.

Angela, now aged 71, is and Alzheimer’s Society ambassador and also co-chairs the Dementia Friendly Communities Champions Group, which promotes inclusion and quality of life for people who have a dementia.

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