Alzheimer's Society - Reopening Care Homes Safely After Lockdown

Alzheimer's Society - Reopening Care Homes Safely After Lockdown

'Martin Farran is the Director of Adult Services and Health at Liverpool City Council, which has been committed to supporting the safe reopening of care homes.

He explains why visits to care homes are so vital and what must happen as national lockdown restrictions ease.'


Understandably, there has been a focus on the science of how we keep residents safe and stop the virus from spreading. But this is only part of the picture. Physical safety from coronavirus needs to be balanced with mental wellbeing. There is a human need for meaningful interaction. 

Clearly coronavirus has had a massive impact for the whole of society. But for those with dementia it has been even more difficult. Some people have found it difficult to comprehend what is happening and why. Many people living in care homes have effectively been cut off from their key supporters – family, friends and loved ones.

This lack of contact has had a major psychological impact, reinforcing their isolation and creating its own significant risks.

People with dementia need stimulation and regular contact, particularly from those who know them best. Care home staff do a brilliant job, but they don’t have the shared memories and history which can be so important...'* 

( Martin Farran.8 March 2021)

*Read more about Martin's personal experience by clicking on the blue link below:

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