This three-dimensional panel is highly tactile and helps practise fine motor skills as you guide the shapes around the coloured wires. Use on a table or wall-mounted.

This three-dimensional wall mounted panel is designed to be tactile and activate the senses, particularly for people with dementia or a learning disability. It is great for visual tracking, fine and gross motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination and provides an innovative care home activities idea where it can be used in a corridor. Livens up any wall space.

An enjoyable activity for Alzheimer patients who like to walk or wander. The Activity Wall Panel can be used either as a table unit or mounted on a wall.

Also ideal for schools or for those with a learning disability.

Size: (l) 60cm x (w) 60cm x (d) 10cm. Manufactured from durable wood: Weight: 4.5kg.

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