Bring in the summer vibes with our new Activity Apron. Designed especially for people living with a dementia like Alzheimer's. The Apron will provide tactile and sensory stimulation, keeping restless hands busy. Five tactile attachments to touch, slide, zip, loop, plait, twist etc.

Activity Ideas:

  • Have a safe 'baking' session. Provide some salt dough and cookie cutters for the person to enjoy moulding and cutting shapes. Place them on a baking tray and later provide some real cookies to enjoy. Great tactile fun for all abilities.
  • Ask the person wearing the apron to close their eyes and feel one or two of the attachments and say what it feels like (soft, round, silky) and what else can they think of that feels similar. Where would they see an item like this.
  • Look through some famous film star photographs - print a few out. Ask the person if they recognise anyone? Did they every see a film starring them? Who would they most like to have a photo of in their apron pocket? Put the photo in the pocket and talk about what it is about that person that they like (hair, way they dress, voice or personality). Try and find a DVD or clip of a film with that celebrity in to watch together and bring back more memories.

Designed by Activities to Share and handmade in the UK, our Activity Apron© is designed especially for individuals living with a dementia or Alzheimers. The tactile nature of the apron means that sensory stimulation can be provided for hours, keeping their minds focused and restless hands busy.

Five tactile attachments to touch, slide, zip, loop, plait, twist etc.

Suitable for both men and women, the Activity Apron comes with many features such as laces to tie and a velcro strap around the neck, to make it safe and easy for an individual to get out if they become uncomfortable. The Apron now comes in two colours, with yellow and blue to choose from.

Other features include:

  • Colourful zipper
  • Pouch with buttons
  • Chunky beads to run through a cord
  • Soft touch fleece panel
  • Silk ribbons

Size - Medium, neck to hem (l) 78cm x  (w) 31cm

Machine washable - 30-40C


See also: Activity Apron - Yellow.

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