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A wonderfully simple form of tactile/sensory stimulation for people with dementia, keeping hands busy and conversation flowing.

Designed by Activities to Share and handmade in the UK, our Activity Apron© provides a wonderful form of tactile and visual stimulation for people with dementia and Alzheimer's patients. For those with memory loss or confusion, this Apron is a wonderful therapeutic activity providing a very useful distraction, especially for people who are prone to picking at their clothes or undressing in a care or nursing home for the elderly

Features include:

  • colourful zipper
  • velcro flap with photograph pouch
  • colourful buttons
  • shoe lace to plait
  • bright beads on a string
  • silk and velvet ribbons
  • fabric swatches.

Our Apron  also provide a valuable source of conversation for people with dementia, topics might include sewing, dress making, fashion or housework and of course the photo pocket will be a focus for chatting.

Fastens with poppers at waist level either side.

Size -  medium to large. Neck to hem (l) 70cm x (w) 31cm.

Machine wash 30C - 40C (making sure the plastic photo pocket is dry before inserting photo)


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