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Hot Potato Game


Squeeze the Hot Potato and the fun begins! Throw the soft fabric potato to other players while the music plays but when it stops, the player left holding it must take a chip card - get 3 and you're out! Makes a great active game to help stretch and tone the body and also practice eye/hand coordination. This throwing game is ideal for anyone in a wheelchair and for older people in care homes to encourage fitness and social bonding. Lightweight and soft to help easy throwing and catching. Suitable for all abilities including anyone with dementia.


Number Floor Mat and Question Card Set


Our Number Floor Mat and Question Card Set is a long standing favourite for people of all ages and abilities. Everyone loves to play this simple but fun number game! Throw your bean bags onto the numbers and answer the simple question to practise numeracy skills. Ideal for care home residents to keep brains sharp.


Pop Up Football Goal


Are any of your residents' football fans in your care home? Did a grandparent or parent play football when they were younger? Or are you looking for an activity to keep the children entertained? Our lightweight goal is the perfect solution for keeping bodies active and can be used with an inflatable beach ball for a safe game of football (or why not try walking football for older care home residents?)


Quiz Floor Mat and Question Card Set


Our top selling Quiz Floor Mat and Question Card Set! Choose from 120 carefully selected simple quiz questions including: 90 Match the Song and Sayings, plus 4 colourful bean bags. Helps with gentle exercise for upper body. **2nd edition set of question cards now available! Makes a versatile game for care home residents of all abilities. Can be played seated or standing.