Get painting with this Acrylic / Oil Paintbrush set.

Get painting with this Acrylic / Oil Paintbrush set. 

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Mixing Paint Palette


Mix paints and create colours with our Mixing Paint Palette. Six paint wells and 4 shallow mixing troughs to help you get exactly the shade you need for your art project. Made from lightweight plastic, this is ideal for individuals and groups alike - the more you buy, the more you save! Why not use with our paints and brushes sets too, there is something for everyone. Art can be a great way to unwind and can help alleviate depression. Art can be suitable for all abilities including older people with dementia. *MULTIBUY OFFER.

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Balloon Swatters (pk of 4)


Add fun and a giggle to a favourite activity with these light, Balloon Swatters game. Incorporates gentle upper body exercise and can be used by people either seated or standing. Care home residents have a great time batting the balloons back and forth, either one-one or in larger groups. So easy to set up - make it easy with our Balloon Pump code: BP2 *MULTIBUY OFFER.

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Coloured Tissue Paper


Versatile sheets of tissue to use in craft projects of all types like paper flowers etc. Can also be used for gift wrapping. Colours may vary.


White PVA Glue (Set of 2)


Easy, squeezy bottles of glue that will stick a variety of things from paper, card and fabric. Washes easily from skin. Non-toxic. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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