About Us

Our Vision

Is one of a world where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy and enhance their lives through fun, engaging, and developmental activities.

Our Mission

Is to serve those people who coordinate activities for groups of people with specific needs with products, services, and knowledge.

Our History

Activities to Share was originally setup as a training company to train activity coordinators in care homes, with a particular emphasis on activities for those with dementia. The original founders struggled to find many of the products that they and their clients needed. So they set out to source and market these products themselves. Over time Activities to Share has become solely oriented around the supply of products and the training element has dropped away. Recognising that activities for people with specific needs is not confined to only those with dementia Activities to Share has branched out into other areas to try and reach a broader audience of people with similar needs. In 2017 the original founders sold the company to BES Healthcare Ltd, who specialises (amongst other things) in the provision of products for those with physical disabilities.

What we pride ourselves on

We put a lot of effort into trying to understand the position of the people who provide activities for people with specific needs and everything that is involved in that. This results is us doing a lot to seek out and stock products that are designed for, or at least appropriate for, the target user. Equally we understand that those coordinating activities don’t just need great products, but that they also have operational difficulties to contend with such securing budgets, so we also work to offer initiatives that tackle these issues as well.

We use our knowledge and experience to create bundles/collections of items where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, “activity recipes” where we provide the know-how free of charge alongside the opportunity to buy kits to accompany the ideas, and adapt, combine, and repurpose products that would perhaps otherwise not come into consideration.

We are also really proud of how we can create bespoke solutions for customers. This leans of four key core competences:

  1. Being able to listen to and understand customer needs
  2. Being creative in our solution provision
  3. Being effective is sourcing products
  4. Being well organised and having the systems to deliver the solution on time and on budget

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