*Reduced Price* A splendid hour of reminiscence for those who remember this memorable year. Includes achievements from the world of politics, sports, royalty and more; Donald Campbell's Bluebird, Churchill's resignation, Warsaw Pack signing etc.

This was a year of triumph and tragedy. Donald Campbell became the fastest man on water and Stirling Moss became the first British driver to win the Mille Miglia. When that great sports car event, the Le Mans 24-hour race opened in brilliant sunshine, none of the quarter-million crowd suspected what lay ahead. In a few ghastly seconds, death wiped out whole families.

It was also a year which saw the resignation of Winston Churchill from the government, the last execution of a woman in Britain and the signing of the Warsaw Pact.

Also featured are news items about fashion, food, royalty, housekeeping and entertainment.

Click here to view 1955 fastest man on water Utube clip from the DVD.

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