A wonderfully nostalgic scene guaranteed to bring back happy memories of time spent watching the washing go round! 30 large, easy to grip pieces.

By 1955 every town in Britain had at least one launderette to cater for the millions of people who had not yet got their own washing machine.

Some launderettes offered a “leave and collect service” where a member of staff at the launderette would do your washing for you to collect later on.

This wonderfully detailed puzzle shows a man in the launderette struggling to get his wife’s dirty washing into the machine, much to the amusement of the women present!

Ideal for use in care homes and day centres - a great activity to stimulate conversation and reminiscence.

Makes a lovely activity for grandparents to complete with the younger generation and chat about old times too.

Tray puzzle, designed and produced by Activities to Share. Please note: separate completed image not included with this puzzle.

Size: (l) 36cm x (w) 28cm. 30 pieces.


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