Makes a wonderful addition to any reminiscence corner, room or display. The lightweight mannequin can be dressed in any style, accessories can be added.

Makes a wonderful addition to any reminiscence corner, room or display. The mannequin can be dressed in any style of period dress and accessesories too can be added (example: scarves, hats, beads, belts and coats). We have chosen a 1950s dress for our mannequin but we're sure Activity Coordinators will be able to find other outfits from other periods to dress their mannekin.

Set includes:

1 x 1950s style dress (pattern and colour may change slightly according to availability) with flared out skirt section with pleats, 95% polyester, 5% spandex, machine washable patterned print.

1x full size mannequin with light wood tripod stand and a soft white cover that can be removed with ease.

Size: Adjustable height from 140cm to 186cm.





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