Beautiful wildlife scene to lift the spirits. 20 large, unusual shaped pieces that fit easily in the hand. A great activity for anyone with a dementia.

20 large, unusual shaped pieces make up this beautiful wildlife scene, includes the following features:

Foxglove, Orange-tip butterfly, skylark and chicks, dandelion, starlings, hornet, Roman snail, bramble (flowers), rabbit, Swallowtail (caterpillar), mouse, common toad, Great Green cricket, Red Admiral butterfly, Peacock butterfly, Meadow buttercup, Seven-spot ladybird, house spider, Chanterelle mushroom, harebell, mole, Ox-eye daisy, hoverfly, pied wagtail, red clover, bumblebee, Green Tiger beetle.

This item would make an invaluable activity for care homes, day centres and hospitals, encouraging conversation and reminiscence for people with dementia.

Also suitable for use in school-based activities, supporting young people with learning disabilities.

Size: (h) 28.5cm x (w) 36.5cm. Please note: separate completed image not included with this puzzle.

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