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Twiddle Muff Comforters

Self sufficient activity for people with dementia to keep hands warm and busy. Each Twiddle Muff Comforter has attachments for mental stimulation.

Twiddle Muff Comforters are designed to provide a simple stimulation activity for active hands, particularly for people with a dementia like Alzheimer's who often like reassurance and comfort. One of our most popular Christmas presents for people with dementia

Twiddle Muffs can meet the needs of many people with Alzheimers by helping to keep restless hands busy.

Each Comforter has three attachments on the outside and a squeezy soft ball on the inside. The attachments, include a sealed satin bag containing movable marbles, a strand of textured ribbons, a loop of colorful wooden beads, a satin or faux suede pocket for personal essentials, a velcro tab patch to attach a treasured belonging. Plush fabric in the form of a muff provides warmth for the hands. 

In addition to tactile and mental stimulation, all muffs offer exercise activities for the hands as well as relief from arthritis.

Muffs are made from very durable materials and detachable Twiddle gadgets allow the Muff to be machine cleaned.

Many Twiddle Muffs have been put through many machine washing cycles and still look like new!

The Alzheimer's Disease Society's magazine 'Living with Dementia' has featured reader letters praising the Twiddle Muff Comforter.

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