A vivid insight into daily life on the home front: rationing, air raids, liquid silk stockings and black outs. Lots of scope here for reminiscence for older people.

With the seventieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War looming, this new edition of the Wartime Scrapbook revives memories of this evocative time in Britain's history.

Life on the home front revolved around rationing, blackouts and air raid precautions, bringing out that British spirit and humour coupled with making-do and determination. Poster propaganda kept the population 'digging for victory' during the years of the Home Guard and Women's Land Army.

The Wartime Scrapbook illustrates a unique period in history; the song sheets, magazine covers, comic postcards, fashion and food, games, propaganda posters and a wealth of wartime ephemera whose very survival is remarkable.

A wonderful reminiscence resource for any care home or day centre - especially for reminiscence work for people with a dementia.

Size: (h) 39cm x (w) 27cm. 59 pages in hardback format.

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