Over 1000 images from rationing and Rock'n'Roll to the emergence of the teenager. Packed with nostalgic images and information, will encourage reminiscence.

After ten years of austerity, the early 1950s saw rationing draw to an end.  Gathered together in this colourful creation of over 1,000 products and images, The 1950's Scrapbook conjures up the life and times of the decade.

From the Festival of Britain and the Coronation of Elizabeth II  to the abundance of toys and television programmes, every facet of the era is covered.

Memorable and evocative, The 1950s Scrapbook illustrates an extraordinary period of British history, from rationing to rock'n'roll, from Archie Andrews to the Mini Minor.  It was a time when self-service shopping was a novelty, frozen foods a wonder, and detergents like Tide, Daz and Omo were the latest whirl for the washing machine.

The flowing fashions were styled from nylon or terylene, the space age was full of Dan Dare, and children watched the antics of Muffin the Mule, Hank or Andy Pandy. Decision time for girls was simpler - would their hair be in pigtails or a pony tail?

The 1950s Scrapbook offers prompts for conversation and reminiscence in abundance whether with older people in a care home or at home with family members. Also makes a great gift for a family member.

Size: (h) 39cm x (w) 27cm. 59 pages in a hardback format.



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