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Reminiscence Box 1

Hands on reminiscence with 16 carefully selected traditional household items to handle and talk about.

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Reminiscence activities work wonderfully when traditional, authentic objects can be looked at and handled.

Activities To Share have carefully selected a collection of memorable household items which have been tried and tested extensively with adults with dementia in care homes and day centres.

Reminiscence Therapy  encourages older people with memory problems to talk about their past and share their experiences.

To help stimulate conversation we have included laminated conversation cards with details about each item and suggested questions to help trigger memories.

Vintage style Box  contains:

16 authentic items including: 1960s pound note, darning mushroom, yoyo, lavender oil, shaving brush, skipping rope, tape measure, dummy, tea strainer, ration book, thimble, old penny on postcard, carbolic soap, dolly peg, rolling pin, spinning top, contents list and conversation cards.