Music Activities - Instruments for All Abilities

Play along to your favourite tunes with our great selection of quality instruments and accessories. From bongo drums to maracas, we have it all.

Not everyone always wants to join in with the singing but most will be happy to tap a drum to the beat or ting a triangle. Try to have a selection of items for people to choose - it makes good exercise for the upper body too.

Our Percussion sets come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for group sessions. Why not give everone an instrument for each song and pass them around each time the music changes?

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Musical Triangle


Add a tinkling sound to any musical activity with our Musical Triangle. Suitable for all abilities, this adds a sensory musical experience and enables everyone to join in. Gives a tactile feel when tapping the stick around the shape. Helps practise hand/eye coordination too. Can be played by anyone who has sight impairment also.