Jigsaw Puzzles 26 - 500 Pieces For All Abilities

If you are looking for more of a challenge, this selection is the perfect solution. Ranging from 26 to 500 pieces, all are larger-than-average pieces and are made from either durable board, wood or plastic. All are wipe clean but the plastic puzzles can be fully washed and are used extensively in care homes and hospital alike where hygiene is of maximum importance.

Our range covers everything from animals, transportmaps or even the local launderette! If you are unable to travel, a variety of inspiring scenes from the UK and around the world awaits you, from a nostalgic British country village to Monet's Garden in France.

Jigsaw Roll is a real help in keeping the pieces from slipping about while assembling and the whole thing can be rolled up and stored away until you are ready to continue.

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Faerie Dell - Big 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


This 500 Piece puzzle makes for more of a challenge, but with the larger than average 3.6cm pieces, it's still very easy to handle and put together.


Tuppeny Treats - Big 500 Piece Puzzle


Do you remember how you used to spend your Tuppenny at the local shop? Recall fond memories with our big 500 Piece Tuppeny Puzzle.


Noah's Ark - Big 500 Piece Puzzle


Put together the pieces of Noah's Ark with this lovely big 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.