Boredom Busters and Simple Fun for Care Homes

Match the Film TitleJumbo Playing Cards

Boredom will be a thing of the past with our huge range of fun games and pastimes. From well-loved traditional bingo and card games to something just a bit different like our range of Match The ... games - we have it all!

Games can help stimulate the brain and keep dementia at bay as well as creating social cohesion.

  • use problem solving skills- games use essential cognitive skills including complex thought and memory formation
  • aid cognitive function - stimulation of mental skills helps with memory retention and alertness
  • encourage social interactioin - engaging with others promotes feelings of well-being and alleviates depression and loneliness
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Game Bundle - Fun Times


Fun for everyone with our games bundle. Rainy days are just the job to bring out the games box. Our kit contains Draughts set, BrainBox People at Work quiz and Match a Pair of Birds game. Specially selected by us for people of all abilities and great for older people in care homes or to play with family members.