Packed with 2000 well-known key words to expand upon - if you can!. An enjoyable activity particularly for those with dementia. Words are age-appropriate and familiar.

At last the long awaited sequel to Finishing Lines!  Finishing Words provides 47 pages packed full of words to play with.

Each page takes one word, for instance: 'Back' -  the aim is to think of as many words as possible that either start or finish with this word, for example:

Backstitch - a way of sewing. 

Backstage - behind the scenes in a theatre.

Piggyback - a way to carry someone behind you.

Humpback - a type of whale.

Finishing Words is guaranteed to prove an indispensable resource for care and activity staff. It's great as a quiz book to use with a group of older people, particularly those with dementia such as Alzheimer's, as the clues are helpful and the words have been carefully chosen to be familiar and age appropriate.

Size: A4. Apprx. 47 pages in a softback format.

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