Finishing Lyrics

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'Whistle .... while you work' - 'Diamonds .... are a girl's best friend' everyone loves to fill in the blanks. 47 pages of popular song lyrics to have fun with.

Finishing Words and Lines have proved so popular with older people we are naturally very excited about a third book in this series. Finishing Lyrics works in the same way - provide the first half of the song (either sing it or speak it) and the group will do the rest! 

There are 33 catagories (46 pages) which include topics such as 'Big and Little', 'Birds and Beasts', 'Clothing','Food and Drink', 'Night and Morning', 'Numbers', 'Outdoors', 'Patriotic Songs' and 'Weather'.

For example:

"Oh What A beautiful Morning.... Oh What A beautiful Day"

"Anything You Can Do ...... I Can Do Better"

"I Never Promised You A Rose .... Garden"

"She'll be Coming Round The Mountain....When She Comes"

A very flexible activity which can be used as a quiz, as part of a sing along or part of any music based  session. Works well as an activity with older people especially those with dementia in groups or one to one.

Size: A4. 47 pages. Softback format.

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