2000 well known sayings and expressions to finish. A really popular quiz book with familiar sayings - ideal for people with dementia.

This book is packed with 2000 well known sayings and expressions to finish. It makes a great quiz book for people with dementia as the sayings are so familiar and learnt from an early age. This activity helps avoid putting the memory under unnecessary pressure. 

We have tried and tested this product and can highly recommend it for groups of older people.                 

Everyone loves to fill in the blanks and complete famous quotes, song and book titles, movies and TV names, proverbs, slang, rhymes, slogans etc. 

Just say the first few words and people will shout out the rest! Ideal for an activity to encourage memory recall - particulary for those with dementia.

25 categories and 46 pages include:
Food: example - 'Fish and... chips',  Famous Names: example - 'Anthony and... Cleopatra', Quotes: example - 'Early to bed, early to rise ... makes a man healthy wealthy and wise',  Money expressions: example 'Put your money... where your mouth is',  Children's Rhymes: example - 'Monday's child is fair of face... Tuesday's child is full of grace'.

Size: (h) 28cm x (w) 21.5cm. 47 pages in softback format.



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