Invaluable practical, easy to read guide for families supporting loved ones with a dementia. Covers: recognising symptoms, getting help, financial issues , treatment, caring etc.

Invaluable practical guide for families supporting people with a dementia. An ideal first resource to go to for sound advice and useful contacts.

Contents include:

  • What is dementia
  • Getting a diagnosis
  • Adjusting to the news
  • Managing care at home
  • Disturbing behaviours
  • Your dementia-friendly home
  • What you should expect from the social care system/NHS
  • Some important legal issues
  • What to look for in a care home

'Sensible advice from someone who really knows what she is talking about - I wish I'd had this book when my father was stricken with dementia'  (John Humphrys).

Author June Andrews is the Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre (University of Sirling). Awarded a fellowship by the Royal College of Nursing in 2014.

Size: (h) 20cm x (w) 12.5cm x (d) 2.5cm. 378 pages. Softback.

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