Give Your Garden A Dementia Makeover


Many of us like nothing better than pottering about in the garden and now experts claim that growing flowers and vegetables really can improve quality of life and help us to live longer. Research being carried out suggests that doctors may even eventually prescribe gardening for patients to help ...

10 Helpful Activities for Older People with Alzheimer’s

Anyone who is associated with people who have a dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease will often feel more than a little at a loss at how to help them occupy their time in a meaningful way. We all know that keeping our minds and bodies active is important at any age – but particularly so in people wi...

Dementia - Women Fare Worse Than Men


Women are twice as likely to develop a dementia as men of the same age, experts have revealed, and to make it worse, they tend to deteriorate at a much faster rate than the opposite sex.  The Alzheimer’s Association states that:

Women over the age of 65 ‘have a one in six chance of developing ...

Gardening To Stop Dementia

Is GARDENING the key to preventing Alzheimer's? Regular exercise 'slashes the risk of dementia by half'

  • Exercise reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease, scientists have revealed
  • That's because any physical activity boosts brain volume in older people 
  • The increased volume occurs in brain areas...
Statins May Prevent Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease could be a thing of the past according to scientists. Studies are under way to develop a statin for the brain, or ‘neurostatin’,  that will work in the same way that current statins are taken to ward off heart attacks. Research on amyloid beta, a protein that adheres to and the...

Simple Cuppa


Breakthrough In Early Warning Test For Dementia

Scientists are examining whether a simple memory test can actually detect  a dementia before symptoms appear.  The test, which involves patients looking at and identifying a mountainous landscape from various angles, costs very little but it is proving to be extremely effective.  This ‘Four Mountain...

Rain Link to Pain Levels

Do your aches and pains feel worse when it rains? Well it would seem that there is a good chance that they really do. Experts are now investigating whether the weather really does affect illnesses such as arthritis, rheumatism, asthma and even migraine headaches.

 Clinical Rheumatologist Dr Will Di...

Jigsaw Puzzles To Avert Alzheimer's

Studies suggest that the simple act of doing jigsaw puzzles on a regular basis can really help stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This highly enjoyable hobby has been proved to stimulate the brain in such a way that it can even help gain a longer life span, especially when combined with reg...

Meaningful Music - Benefits for Dementia

Many people are already aware of the benefits that music can have on our wellbeing, but this is particularly so with older people and for anyone who has a dementia like Alzheimer’s. Therapists have found that music can help people to engage, ease stress and uplift moods, often when all else fails.