Add fun and a giggle to a favourite activity with these light, hand-shaped balloon swatters. They make a great chair-based exercise activity for older people.

Add fun and a giggle to a favourite activity with these light, colourful, hand-shaped balloon swatters, which make a great chair exercise activity for older people. Our Balloon Swatters activity is fast becoming one of our most popular products.

Care home residents of all abilities will have a great time batting balloons back and forth, either one-to-one or in larger groups.

Swatters offer valuable assistance for people with limited mobility or upper body strength. An ideal activity for those with dementia as it helps improve hand-eye coordination.

This product is also suitable for use in school-based activities, supporting young people with learning disabilities.

Size: swatters measure (l) 43cm. Pack of 4 (10 free small balloons included).

Note: We also recommend using our extra strong Punch Ball Balloons with these swatters.



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