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Activity Calendar for Care Homes

Activity Leaders have asked us to design an Activity Calendar, so here it is! 30 carefully selected tiles to choose from through the week.

By popular request from Activity coordinators all over the UK, we have designed our own unique Activity Calendar. Now you can keep everyone in your Home (including people with dementia  and Alzheimer's who may find the pictures easier to recognise) informed about your activities week by week.

There are 30 attractive, highly coloured activity tiles to choose from - topics include Music, Party Time, Outings, Flowers/plants, Knitting, Quizzes and crosswords, Tea and chat, Exercise, Reminiscence, Pampering, Musical instruments, One-to-One room visits, Live music, Chiropodist, Cooking and Needlecraft. Tiles slide easily in the plastic runners so can be changed on a daily basis if necessary.

We have also included two wipe clean panels for you to write in your Forthcoming Events and Home News.

Displayed in a Care Home reception area or Day Centre hall, this Activity Calendar will not only be an attractive wall display but a very practical way of spreading your good news!

Measurements: (w) 60cm x (h) 42cm.




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