About Activities to Share

During our fifteen years as Health and Social Care Trainers we had plenty of opportunity to develop our ideas about care home activity resources for older people, in particular those with dementia and also adults with disabilties. We were able to gather first hand information about the specific needs of Service Users, Care Staff, Care Home Managers, Occupational Therapists, Hospital workers and Volunteers.

It became increasingly evident to us both that the key to increasing well being and fulfillment amongst older people and adults with disabilites was to offer a comprehensive range of activity choices that were wide ranging, practical, easy to use and age appropriate. This was the point at whcih Activites To Share was launched from a wood cabin in the garden in 2009!

We are expanding each year and from our warehouse in Canterbury - we now supply to hundreds of Care Homes, Day Centres and Suported Living Schemes nationwide , in USA, Australia and The Channel Islands. We also have customers in Rehabilitation Centres in Sweden, Occupational Therapists in the UK, Regional Dementia Groups, Memory Clincs. We supply all the large Care Providers including:

Alzheimer's Society, Alzheimer's Scotland, NHS Foundation Trusts; BUPA, Four Seasons, HC One and Age Concern

Activities To Share products:

  • Have been extensively researched and developed in Care Homes and Day Centres by ourselves and by Activity Coordinators.
  • Some of which have been designed by us - for example 'Match The Sayings', The Date and Weather Board; Life Story Books; Giant Target Mat; The Activity Blanket and Tabard; Large Print Bingo Cards and the Activity Calendar.
  • Are designed to help trigger treasured memories and encourage reminiscence especially for people with dementia.
  • Help encourage all carers to 'have a go' particularly those who use English as a second language. (Many of our products come with conversation prompts and ideas for questions to help overcome any language barriers)
  • Help staff and relatives actively engage with older people particularly those with dementia.

We look forward to sharing our expertise, knowledge and of course our products with you!